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I received the following letter from the Manager of the Donkerhoek Mine:

Re: Access to Towers/Radio Masts

Brikor (Pty) Ltd acquired Donkerhoek Quarry in August 2008 and is held responsible, in terms of the Mines Health and Safety Act 1996, for any person entering the premises.

Please note the following:
• That you, your employees/agents enter the mine entirely at your own risk and that Brikor will not be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained to any of your employees/agents whilst on Donkerhoek Quarry’s premises.
• That you are aware of the laws safeguarding the interest of yourselves and your dependants in respect of injuries and or losses which may be sustained by either yourselves and/or dependants and notwithstanding your knowledge thereof.

Also, please pay attention to the following:
• Protective clothing must be worn at all times, e.g.: hardhat, reflective vest and safety shoes.
• Only 4X4 vehicles are allowed.
• The boom must be locked at all times.
• No alcohol or drugs are allowed on site.
• Offensive weapons prohibited on this property.
• All notices and signs to be obeyed.
• Beware of heavy vehicles/earthmoving equipment on site.
• No horseplay or speeding permitted.
• Access hours as follows: 08:00 -15:00 Mon – Thu & 08:00 – 14:00 Fri.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours faithfully,
Mine Manager – Donkerhoek Quarry.

Webb Industries have had a meeting with the Mine Manager and it has been confirmed that no exceptions will be made and the process will be strictly enforced. (Note: A recent accident at the mine/quarry resulted in the tragic fatality of one of the workers.)

Restrictions have also been placed on the amount of visits and the number of people visiting the mine at any given time. In the light of this, please negotiate with the committee prior to any visits to the mine.

I have been requested to ensure that these requirements be brought to the attention of all members and implemented accordingly, and by publishing the above letter, I have now ensured that all members have been duly advised, and I hereby request that these rules and regulations be adhered to.

Yours faithfully

Pam Momberg ZS6APT

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