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AGM 9th July 2011

On the 9th July, the club AGM took place at the Scout Hall in Wierda Park, and was very well attended. After the meeting soup supplied by James ZS6JDT and various snacks were enjoyed by all. Thanks to James. The meeting went off very well and the following members were elected to the committee for the coming year:

Chairman and Treasurer – Pam Momberg ZS6APT
Vice Chairman – James du Toit ZS6JDT
Secretary – Billy Strumpher ZS6WPS
Ordinary Committee Members – Repeaters – Pieter de Toit ZS6PZ
Technical Training – Rian Venter ZS6RXY
Technical Forums – Pine Pienaar ZS6GST
RAE Training/Events – JohnLongland ZS6AA
Additional Member – Ben Booysen ZS6BTB
After the meeting all the club trophies were displayed to the members and the following trophies were awarded:
The TL trophy – for outstanding service to the club by a non committee member was awarded to Jimmy ZS6APS for his relay of the Sunday morning bulletins for the past five years.
The Gordon Steward trophy – for outstanding service to the club by any member was awarded to Pieter ZS6PZ for his dedication to the club by keeping the 2 meter repeater on the air.
Dave ZS6AZP showed the meeting his homebrew 1 watt 80 meter transmitter, together with his 1 watt 40 meter transmitter, and an AM modulator for these sets – and was awarded the homebrew trophy.

Congratulations to all concerned.

On the 10th July, our members attended a luncheon at the Stone Cradle, near the Rietvlei Dam which was enjoyed by all.

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