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ICASA Fees for 2022


Radio Frequency Spectrum Licences – The Independent Communication Authority of South Africa (ICASA) issues licences for radio amateurs, NOT the South African Radio League (SARL)! Pay your licence fee to ICASA and NOT to the SARL!

Radio Frequency Spectrum Licences must be paid by midnight on Thursday 31 March 2022!

Radio Amateurs and Radio Clubs, it is your responsibility to pay your licence fee for your own call sign, the Club call sign and the Club repeater. The licence fee for 2022/23 is: 1 year – R166.00; 2 years – R317.00; 3 years – R455.00; 4 years – R579.00 and 5 years – R692.00.

  1. Credit Card. If you are registered on the ICASA Customer Portal (, you can pay by credit card and almost immediately get a copy of your new licence.
  2. Electronic Fund Transfer. You can pay your licence fee by EFT – ICASA, Nedbank Corporate Client services, Account no. 14 62 00 29 27, Branch 146245. Note: Use YOUR ICASA license number no and call sign, e.g., “10098765 – ZS75RZS” as the payment reference. Send a copy of the EFT payment to

If you are registered on the ICASA Customer Portal, upload a copy of the Proof of Payment to the system. The ICASA officials will check the payment against the bank statement and if satisfied will then approve your licence which you can download a day to two later.

  1. Not yet registered on the ICASA Customer Portal. You are tendering for trouble. The process to register on the Customer Portal was sent out by SARL Communication on 21 April 2021 and can be found on the front page of the SARL web site.

Carry out the EFT before midnight on 31 March 2022 and send a copy of the Proof of Payment to Keep the Proof of Payment in a safe place, it is your proof that the licence has been paid.

Then, wake-up and go and register on the ICASA Customer Portal as soon as possible.

Amateur Licences managed by the SARL

On 29 January 2022 and e-mail was sent to all radio amateurs whose licence is managed by SARL, this covers the last 6 RAEs. As per the welcome letter sent to successful candidates following the RAE, the SARL is currently managing your Amateur Radio Licence because of limitations on the ICASA system. However, it is your responsibility to pay your licence fee directly to ICASA as explained above.

Once you have completed the EFT, forward the proof of payment to ICASA at as well as to the SARL Administrator at You may also send a copy to the RAE Manager at Please use “ICASA Licence payment – “your licence number and call sign” as the subject. Once we receive the proof of payment, it will be uploaded to the ICASA online system for approval. When approved we will forward you the licence.

Unfortunately, many of these Radio Amateurs have not sent a copy of the Proof of Payment to Kelley Dorey, the SARL Administrator and thus the ICASA system cannot be updated; no licence will be issued. Please send the proof of payment to Kelley as soon as possible.

How to change your legacy licence

All amateurs with the legacy license are required to register on the new ICASA Customer Portal. You are required to register even if your current legacy licence is due to expire in a few years’ time.

Follow this simple step by step procedure to register

  1. Register as a user at
  2. On the right hand side of the page click on register.
  3. Create a new account, i.e., e-mail address and insert a password, then confirm that password. Radio Clubs, use the e-mail for the secretary of the Club or other Committee member.
  4. As soon as you submit the registration you will receive an e-mail with a link that you must click to verify the registration.
  5. Please look in your Junk folder if you do not receive the e-mail.
  6. After completion you can log into the system.
  7. The first time that you start to use the system it will prompt you to create a legal entity by capturing all your personal details.
  8. Uploading a copy of your ID book in the link provided at the bottom of the registration page. Note: only PDF documents are accepted.
  9. After submission it will be subjected to approval by the Authority.
  10. After approval by the Authority, you will receive an e-mail indicating that applications can be submitted.
  11. Click on the Manage button on the main page under Radio Frequency Spectrum.
  12. Click on the Amend Legacy Radio Frequency license Button.
  13. Capture your license number, excluding all the dashes, then upload the  HAREC and HF certificate. If you do not have these certificates, then upload a copy of your current or old license in place of the HAREC and HF certificate. If an old, expired license then upload the proof of payment as well.
  14. The Authority will then complete the next step and return it to you for verification.
  15. Verify for correctness and submit.
  16. The Authority will then finalize the process and issue an electronic license that can also be downloaded on your Manage page.

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